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Feb 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
, and the parade is in full swing, and i'll have full details on all the cities -- festivities right after the break. >> dozen of people injured in a frightening crash at a nascar race and the possible effect on tomorrow's daytona 500. >> hi there, i'm leigh glaser. we had cool temperatures today. tomorrow we'll start to warm up a >> ama: happening now. the san francisco chinese new year parade is underway ask the streets are packed. sergio quintana is live. reporter: the parade is in full swing. you can see right there this is the line of people along market street, watching the parade just beyond. that line of people right there is five people deep. there are even some people on their toes trying to get a look. no traditional chinese dragon was among the first to take to the streets at the head of the parade. we just wrapped up the year of the tagon, this parade celebrates the kickoff of the year of the snake. dance troops, marching bands and floats, among the 100 different participants, making it one of the biggest of its kind. people come from around the world to watch the event. i tal
Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
has city officials asking. why there were 39 rapes reported in berkfully 201. the most in the last five years. up 95% from 2011. the jump in numbers may not indicate more crimes but better support for victims leading to a higher rate of reporting assaults. many cases involve students at uc berkeley. >> we're very concerned because it looks like the vast majority of the sexual assaults are commit by acquaintances, a former dating relationships and this is quite concerning to us. we also see the role that alcohol has in many of these reported assaults. >> police say the majority of attacks happened offcampus at parties in the surrounding neighborhoods where an estimated 35,000 students live. >> residents in oakland are saying enough is enough and want something done about escalating crime in the city. lisa amin gulezian is live in oakland where hundreds of people came together looking for solutions. lisa? >> lisa: that is very true. right now happening is -- it's called a salon solution, and there are people inside of this middle school in east oakland and they're talking bat lot of
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
mick needles and their pay is lower than other recycle workers in other city. >> the workers are meeting to try to improve the conditions, so it's not so dangerous, pays enough to support families so they don't have to live in poverty so the services are better and recycling is easier to use. >> we contacted the recycler companies and none of them aned our request for a response. >> a warning if your heading to the coast, what you need to look out for. there is any rain on the way? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: football's hall of fame unducted seven new members. we'll have some >> ama: the national weather service issued a coastal hazard warning for this weekend and that means an increased threat of sneaker waves. sneaker waves come out of nowhere and can sweep people off the beach and into the ocean. >> make sure that everyone is where they're supposed to be and no one is sucked out to sea. but just like buddy up. >> ama: five people have died on san francisco beaches since november. >>> leigh glaser has been tracking our weather to fine out what is in
Feb 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
in san francisco for now but could soon be in other big cities if it keeps getting reviews like this. >> a great idea. i talked to some people about it. and they all said, yeah, why didn't somebody thought about that earlier. >> dirk and his friend are visiting from germany and have to watch their pennys. >> it's a cheap opportunity for younger guys like us. >> flight car is a startup and money is tight. this is a car they would never rent out to the public because they require cars made in this century, have less than 150,000-miles and don't have parts held on by duct tape. >> if the car has several layers of cosmetic damage, we want take that because no one wants to be seen in a trash car. >> but you -- if your car qualifies you can earn a gas card,. >> i think today there will be a bmw to drive that one. a 505 series. >> looking forward to that? >> yes, i am. >> abc7 news. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser to find out whether or not you can wash your own car coming up. it might rain. >> leigh: well, go ahead and do it tomorrow and expect to have it get wet again on tuesday. the ra
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4